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                           INDIAN NAVY  UES-2015

                               Hello! everyone today I am here sharing my SSB experience. It was my first ssb experience. Earlier I too searched a lot on google to read experiences. To receive call letter from Indian Navy was the happiest moment of my life afterall it was first interview of my life.
              Well being from Bhopal I had to travel a lot. I know many of you guys travel from north to attend interview in south, long distance journeys have its own stories and fun. Don't be so serious it is our indian railway stories come right with your ticket. My reporting date was on 1 feb but because of gate exam that was on 31/jan, I extended my interview for next available date. My new date is now 3 March at 06.00 hrs after getting my reservation confirm in AC third I started preparation for ssb. As my friends had already been to nsb coimbatore I managed to take all required material from them like white shorts,pt shoes(don't penny for pt shoes even white sport shoes work fine I saw many guys there wearing sports shoes instead of pt shoes even I too). Actually I had my reservation for 2 days in advance so that we could visit Oty that is 90 kms from coimbatore.Packing is all done now it is time to leave.


                              My journey starts on the following date. The day is quite normal and I am  leaving 45 mins before the actual time of train (Swarna Jayanti Express). I am with my college friend Naman Jain. After getting into the train we are four now.Oh... I got upper berth below me there is a weird guy with long hairs  and also he is wearing a green swine flu mask. After a long time I came to know this weirdy is an IITian. Now he is cool. Hey are you going to attend any exam iitian when he was reading thermal engineering book. He told no actually he got an internship offer in London so he was preparing for that. Great sala 12 ghante bad mujhe pata chala ki padh ku rha tha. In the next coach I met one more guy Harshad Gautam. He is from Faridabad and he is coming from Haryana. We introduced each other and now it looks like we are schoolmates.Well! we are five now. After getting a lot of conversations done we are sleepy now at 1am' Chalo yar bhot bateein ho gayi ab sone chalte he apne dabbe me sala ye to phone pe laga hua he kon he beta bata de....teri bhabi....hahaha:. Chal pehle ye interview nipta le phir ssb de dena....hahaha.


                         Since my interview had been scheduled on 3 feb at 06.00 hrs I had to make my reservations in advance. We reported at 1.30 am on 1 Feb at coimbatore junction. We were very excited to see MCO office. We were like bhailog chalo mco me pta krte he rukne ki koi jugad.......abe teri yaha to sannata he than we called on the cont. nos provided on the display after calling on of the gentleman replied in tamil hindi eng mix language I told him over the phone sir we are five students outside the mco office arrived earlier and our reporting date is 3 Feb. Where should we go for stay,
Gentleman- kahi bhi jao your reporting date is 3 feb so 3 ko ana ab rat ko call amt kro.
 I said- ok sir
than one more quest- sir can we people stay in ssb centre?
Gentleman- no no no....stay on your own and come back on 3 feb.
I said ok good night sir.
Now its time to find food and yes ofcourse shelter ni to rahenge Meanwhile we were planning to make a visit to Ooty (queen of hill stations ). As we were hungry and very sleepy so we decided to rest for a night and in the morning we will leave for ooty. We checked the dormitory but ise bhi aj hi full hona tha. Than roof was the only remaining option to stay for net 3 hrs as it was almost 2 AM. But some friends wanted to sleep comfortably so we checked in at 2.30 am in a nearby lodge named Central Lodge straight right in front of railway station at walking distance, suggested by a friend who had already been to this lodge earlier during the time of his interview.
Next we had a very funny and unforgettable moment at the time of check in. Actually it is almost 2.30am so receptionist was not there only guard was there the scene was like...the man(guard) neither knew hindi nor english except tamil. After a long conversation we finally made it and now it time for check in.
 Awesome funny moment when we checked in  -Another man came at the same time he explained us the rule while explaining he told-- if you check out after 4am next day you have to pay 100 extra.
I said - if we check out before 4am than you are gonna pay us Rs100.
 At first he told yes and agreed cauz he didn't know english well but soon everybody started laughing out large. As he understood the matter he again explained the rules. This time he was also laughing with us on our oversmartness.....thank god atleast those dull faces started glowing again. The man showed us the way to the room and he left after handing over the keys to us.

Another funny moment-  While we were arranging our luggage one of us went for bathing. Other who were waiting for their turn including me thought to watch tv. On of us switched on the tv and we were like itni raat ko kya aa rha hoga is pr. He clicked almost all the channels but everything was going out of our coverage area. Not a single channel in hindi everything was in tamil. Soon we realised we are in Tamil Nadu....huh switched off the tv went to sleep. Gud night.


                            We spent whole day in Queen of hill stations(Ooty). If you too wish to visit the place please do some research beforehand otherwise it will be a waste of time. One more thing is that Ooty is not a one day visit place. One can not visit it in a single day cauz everybody who stays there wants to feel every moment so just walk and go every spot you want to see. The autovalas there charge a lot even for 1.5 or 3 kms they charge Rs 60 minimum. They don't even care you bargain because they have very strong bond with each other. In last please make sure you must have at least three days for the place to enjoy it maximum. I will describe my Ooty trip in next post.


                             We decided to take some rest by staying at our lodge and roam around the city in evening. While returning from Ooty 3 of us started vomiting except me. At last while holding one of my friend I also started feeling the same but any how controlled myself. At the bus stop I was called to bring some cardamom. It was 9.30 PM that time and shops are almost closed. Since it was railway station area there were no kirana shops. So I decided to go to a nearby panmasala shop in typical hindi it is also called pan ka tap. I went there and told him to give cardamom he didn't know english, i didn't know tamil again communication problem.For me it was like examination I tried to ask some local people for the tamil conversion of cardamom even they were not getting what I was asking for and i returned with disappointment instead of cardamom...hadd ho gai yar aaj to din hi kharab he. or scene to tab ban gaya jab mene kaha ki elaichi(cardamom) chahiye or vo banda mujhe cigarette pakda rha tha. The locals who were standing there were looking at me like inki beti ka hath mang liya ho bhai elaichi hi to mangi thi.....haha. After taking medicine and rest he was ok in the morning. Guys make sure you have some medicine for headache, vomiting, loose motions with you. Nobody knows when would they have need of them. Better in emergency. In evening we me two more guys. One  from Hyderabad and another was from Bhopal itself. Now we were seven till evening. Guys it is great if you be in a group. So start talking and know each other and make group that will benefit you at the time of GD.


                         It was our interview day, We get up early at 3.50 am after getting all the packing done we went in front of the MCO office at 5.00 am. In the beginning there were only four students waiting outside. The bus in white colour came to pick us up to the ssb centre at 05.45. At that time the no of candidate would be above 200 i didn't count. After getting out of the bus at the ssb centre one of the officer vociferously ordered us to make a proper que. Than he explained us rules and procedure of the DAY 1.
             Guys please do carry all the required documents with you at the time of your reporting otherwise you gonna increase your BP. Yes one more important thing that is the hard copy of your reservation ticket. Shoes are compulsory for all no slippers or sandals are allowed even for first day.
                 There is always a separate group of repeaters. In my batch there were six repeaters. Officer ordered us to keep our luggage aside and come with original documents in proper shoes within two minutes. Next chest nos were allotted mine was chest no 30 to each and every one. After the verification of certificated we were asked to have lunch. After lunch we proceeded to the PPDT test hall. There they gave us a form to affix hardcopy of our reservation ticket on back side for travelling allowance don't panic about it they will give 2 times the amount of ticket when you leave. There were two test for verbal and non verbal reasoning. Try to attempt all questions as there is no negative marking.

       A picture was shown for 30 secs it was not that much hazy as I was told by my friends. So write  a story that comes in your mind first. There is a box on the sheet where we have to write about age, sex, mood and no of characters that we see. I saw three characters so made a story based on that. Next part comes description test followed by GD.
                     Dont panic if you are not able to write a story within the given time because officers themselves say that narrate it well and confidently during narration I hardly wrote 3 lines. I got almost 30 mins before my round to prepare the story in mind. Candidates were divided in a group of fifteen students. Everybody narrated their story. Soon gd started but after it became a fish market. In my group there were 260 candidates.

Always start your story like- In the story I percepted .........characters you can name characters tell their ages and mood with confidence. Never see the offices they are trained psychologists. After that narrate your story. Story should not last more that 50 secs. If you did this you are 60% done and rest try to take part in the discussion. I realised it after I got screened out.

FInally the most awaited time it was the result time everybody was eagerly waiting for---
result came at almost 4.30 pm. And I was screened out. Four out of seven of my group had been selected for further 4 days testing.  But none was screened in of my batch of fifteen candidates. Out of 260 only 46 candidates were screened in and out of 46 screened in candidates only 4 were recommended as told by my friend who stayed there of another four days.
Hope you enjoyed it.                
                                Thanks for your patience I know it was too long. But actually it is very short when you will go and think of your story it would be amazing and unforgettable moment of your life.
SSB is must go for everybody at least once in a life   


Friday, 17 October 2014

Question in UES Indian Navy campus placement

Questions apart from stream.

  1. Who is the vise president of india?
  2. who is the PM of Britain?
  3. Capital of arunachal pradesh?
  4. How many states are there in India?
  5. No of union territories?
  6. Who is the chief of Indian Navy?

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Indian Navy UES 2015 campus interview process for final year engineering students.

Today, I am going to let you people know about the campus interview of the Indian Navy in my college.

Process-We all were required to report at 9:45. Navy officers arrived nearly at 11:10 am. A form was distributed to all the candidates and were asked to fill the one. Than the interview process started. A group of fifteen candidates were called for the GD round. They ask for the topic and select that everybody knows. Normally it is easy and the one everybody is comfortable with. Our topic was Woman empowerment. It was 10 min round. It was a mixed group in which students from all the branches were present.After the GD round there came PI round. They took PI at the same time individually.
  • arrange all your documents including the application form, printout copy of email,all your mark sheets till VIth sem attested and also attested copy of your 10th and 12th certificates beforehand.
  • always have a pen with you.   
PI question-
officer-Tell me about yourself ,your percentage in ssc and hsc,two best qualities in you and the person you admire the most actually the person who you like to be?

officer-(After seeing my branch in the application form) What is knocking in IC engine?
            2.What do you understand by octane and cetane no?
            3.What is flame propagation?
            4.What is supercharging and turbocharging?
            5.Five difference between supercharging and turbo charging?
            6.Is there any difference between air conditioner and air heater?
these were the questions been asked from mechanical students.